Support Ed Spriggs for IB City Council


Ed comes from the humble beginnings of a working-class family where he had to pitch in and contribute throughout his youth. So, he understands what it is like to try to make ends meet every day. He has earned our support because he has fought successfully and will continue to fight, for better public services, a healthy environment, and a sustainable and transparent city budget. Take a look at how far IB has come during the last 8 years of his time on the City Council. Ed is also working hard on our BIG challenges and supports using every possible means to stop cross-border pollution, manage the threat of flooding and sea level rise and prevent overdevelopment.

Homeowners support Ed because he has argued and voted and will continue to vote for street and alley improvements, clean environment actions and new business investment that have all improved quality of life (and property values) throughout IB

Renters support Ed because he has voted for and will continue to support affordable housing that adds to rather than replaces existing rental housing, is well designed and attractive, and has ample parking

Business owners support Ed because he has voted and will continue to vote to support new businesses while advocating for simplified permitting and other pro-business city policies to ensure all residents have the services they need close to home

Seniors support Ed because he has voted and will continue to vote for improvements to our senior center and will continue to fight for more programs for seniors and a new senior center that is affordable in the very near future.

Families support Ed because he has voted and will continue to vote for new parks and park improvements throughout IB, he voted for skate park improvements that benefit the skaters and the neighborhood, he attends school district functions demonstrating his strong support for teachers, schools, and youth-focused education programs and our local STEAM Academy.

Community Members support Ed because he has led a successful effort to remove pro-developer loopholes in our zoning ordinance; he has called for and will make it a priority that the City undertakes a detailed review of our traffic and parking challenges and that new policies are adopted to protect our neighborhoods, including better controls on speeding.