“I possess the professional experience, determination, fiscal ability and know-how to build consensus and get the job done. Thank you for your support and your vote of confidence.” ~ Ed Spriggs

Ed Spriggs with IB Chamber of Commerce Padres Mascot Ed Spriggs at Veradina Restaurant Opening Imperial Beach


Photos: Supporting Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce; Little League Opening Day, and with new IB business owners.


This is Ed’s umbrella goal – it stands above and includes all his priorities. Over the years, Ed has worked in many ways to improve the quality of life for IB residents. Prior to his election to City Council, he served as a public member of street improvement projects and later the Tidelands Advisory Committee, eventually becoming its chairman. Early on and until today Ed has played a lead role in protecting residential neighborhoods from the imposition of vacation rentals by the real estate lobby.

On the City Council he has successfully worked for better street lighting, the paving of our remaining unpaved alleys, the return of our Independence Day fireworks, the return of our signature event, the Sun & Sea Festival (sandcastle competition), and providing more and better jobs and affordable housing for IB residents through a smart development approach. He is a leader in finding new ways to protect our beach and estuary from pollution. For every decision that comes to the City Council, Ed explores all the options to make sure he supports activities that have the most positive impact on the quality of life for all IB residents.


Ed believes strongly in preserving and enhancing our physical environment, ensuring that our beaches, estuary and bay front areas are well protected from pollution and encroaching development. He led IBWC Citizens Forum efforts to make improvements on both sides of the border, pressuring the Mexican and US Commissioners into action. He continues to be a leader in the decision to sue the IBWC and its treatment plan operator. He works hard to protect IB’s interests through his chairmanship of the Coastal Cities Group of the League of California Cities, which includes all 61 coastal cities, and through his service on the Board of the Metro Wastewater Commission and on the SANDAG Shoreline Preservation Working Group. He is one of the region’s leading elected officials on the issue of Sea Level Rise and serves on IB’s Steering Committee to update our Local Coastal Program and develop a Climate Action Plan for the City. Ed believes public and private projects must be carefully planned to preserve our vital environmental resources — the estuary, the ocean and the bay.


Ed believes we must keep our community and our neighborhoods safe. He has and will continue to strongly support well-staffed Sheriff and fire protection services. He will continue his efforts to reduce crime and ensure our neighborhoods are well lit and well protected. His efforts have helped make IB one of the most crime free cities in the County. For these reasons, he has consistently earned the coveted title “Law Enforcement’s Choice” from the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. Ed’s opposition to the expansion of areas in IB where vacation rentals are allowed has helped our City avoid the disruptions, noise and crime other beach communities suffer from when holiday and vacation rentals are permitted in residential neighborhoods. His strong support for better lit streets has paid off with more lighting and reduced crime.


Ed understands the importance of balancing economic growth with preserving our informal beach town, family-friendly identity. He led the City Council’s effort to close pro-developer loopholes in our zoning code and to bring the Pier South and Breakwater Shopping Center projects into being. He supports well-designed, thoughtful development that (1) improves tax revenues without increasing taxes, (2) creates jobs for IB residents, and (3) provides new restaurants, shopping opportunities and other amenities that improve the quality of life for IB residents. But he also understands that too much or too rapid development creates traffic and parking problems and can undercut our laid-back community vibe. Ed knows how to achieve this balance due to his planning and capital project experience at UCSD, USAID (Foreign Service) and HUD, and his service on the IB Ecotourism Development Committee, which have enabled him to be a successful advocate for thoughtful, balanced development during his first two terms in office. He will fight for even better planning for future development, including effective traffic and parking solutions.


Ed believes that IB citizens deserve to be well informed about what their City Government is doing before actions are taken or final decisions are made. He has held several community forums for this purpose over the last several years. Ed has also supported improvements in the City website and greater use of social media to make information more available to the public. He has advocated successfully for the creation of citizen boards and committees to address important areas of citizen concern, including zoning and parks and recreation, and would like to see interested citizen groups formed to improve management of our dog and skate parks and to assist in setting City budget priorities. Such committees should be provided with staff support and supplied all the information needed to perform their oversight role and make recommendations for improved City decision making. Finally, Ed has consistently opposed and rejected “third party independent campaign contributions.” He believes that these PAC and Super-PAC funds have no place in our small town local elections and that all campaign dollars should flow directly to the candidate being supported so that people know all sources of each candidate’s campaign support. This position is consistent with the California Clean Money Campaign and its many supporters.


Ensuring a good, well rounded education for IB youth is a quality of life issue. Although education is not in the IB City Council’s official mandate, Ed believes that quality education for our youth should be every elected official’s concern. As a life-long proponent of educational opportunity for all, Ed attends local school and school district functions that promote teacher excellence, student achievement and school safety.

Ed Spriggs SBUSD Awards Program

Ed with Superintendent Katie McNamara at SBUSD awards program.

Ed supports establishment by the City of internships for IB’s high school and college students who want practical work experience while still in school. He will use every opportunity to expand resources available to students in IB, such as special programs in the Library, City parks, and other facilities, and advocate for the modernization of the Mar Vista swimming pool. Ed served for 8 years on the Board of Marian Catholic (now Mater Dei) High School and 13 years in student affairs at UCSD. He is committed to quality education and opportunities for all our children and has the experience and track record to make it happen.



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