[service title=”Greg Cox, County Supervisor” size=”col-12″ icon=””]greg-cox147x216I strongly endorse Councilmember Ed Spriggs. He is a hard worker with great ideas and the ability to get things done. He has a strong track record of analyzing issues, building consensus on the City Council and connecting with community members to make thoughtful decisions for the City of IB. ~ Greg Cox, County Supervisor[/service]

[service title=”Ed Spriggs is Law Enforcement’s Choice” size=”col-12″ icon=””]jimnumbers2.aiWe believe with your experience, integrity, and demonstrated dedication to law enforcement, you are deserving of our endorsement. On behalf of the over three thousand members of our Association, the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, you are truly “Law Enforcement’s Choice.” ~ Deputy Sheriff’s Association, San Diego County[/service]

[service title=”Diane Rose, Former Mayor, Imperial Beach” size=”col-12″ icon=””]Diane_Rose_Photo I’ve known Ed for a number of years, and know his passion and love for this community. I have also followed his performance as a Councilmember closely over the last four years. He has done an outstanding job and I fully support his re-election. ~ Diane Rose, Former Mayor, Imperial Beach[/service]

SierraClub_Endorsement_final_color Sierra Club endorsed

San Diego Labor Council